The EdgeKiller plugin looks for the execution of a sequence of program counters and kills all the paths where this sequence occurs. This is useful to kill polling loops.


The configuration requires one section per module to be monitored. The section name must match the module identifier defined in the configuration section of the ModuleExecutionDetector plugin. Each section contains a list of named pairs of program counters that define the program edges. All program counters are relative to the native load base of the module. The name of each pair is not important, but must be unique.

Required Plugins

Configuration Sample

The following example shows how to kill the polling loops in the pcntpci5.sys device driver. Each pair of addresses represents the source and the target of a polling loop back-edge.

pluginsConfig.EdgeKiller = {
    pcntpci5_sys_1 = {
        l1 = {0x14040, 0x1401d},
        l2 = {0x139c2, 0x13993},
        l3 = {0x14c84, 0x14c5e},